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Bike lanes fast tracked PIXLR.jpg
Seattle officials are fast tracking bike lanes, but KVI's Phil Vandervort notices the bike lanes get priority while homeless problems and a major bridge closure persist.{ } (photo: KOMO News)

Producer Phil in for John Carlson--8am hour -- COVID derails the Amazon 2.0 tax play by Seattle's Kshama Sawant (temporarily), a cautionary tale about a Seattle adult care facility that was infection free for 6-weeks until things changed drastically in the last two weeks,

the first pro-sports event in America since the virus shutdown 2-months ago will happen tomorrow in Florida, no fans in attendance but the pay-per-view audience will tell us how thirsty sports fans are for new sports events, JBLM Air Force planes will perform fly-overs today around south Puget Sound to honor medical front liners fighting the virus, correcting a fake news story from Walla Walla WA, its time for the 80s starting today.

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