LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov10--7am hour

On this hour of the show, KVI's John Carlson covers the continuing issue of 'court packing' and the 2020 election results. Pictured here in an AP file photo, the American flag waves in the wind in front of the US Supreme Court. (Photo: Associated Press).{ }

7am hour -- a KVI listener shares a story of meeting game show host Alex Trebek, the meeting with Trebek revolved around US military service, shooting over a Woodinville car prowl 911 call wounds two deputies and the suspect is shot dead in the confrontation, the US Naval Academy will soon have its first female African American brigade commander.

Two sides of the Supreme Court packing issue: one sitting Democratic US Senator vows he won't support court packing, meanwhile a Democratic US Senator candidate in GA refuses to answer if he supports it.

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