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FILE -- Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty (right) speaks during a summer 2020 rally. The Oregonian news website is reporting that Hardesty was involved in a disputed argument about COVID-19 safety protocols during a Lyft ride with a driver.{ } (KATU File)

8am hour -- Two weeks ago Alex Trebek was recording episodes of Jeopardy before dying last weekend, there are 35 more Jeopardy episodes remaining and the last one will air on Christmas Day, TV host Whoopi Goldberg has selective memory about 2016 presidential election results, a "Do as I say, not as I do" moment from Portland's most controversial city politician, the politician refuses to follow virus protocols during disputed Lyft ride from a tribal casino in WA.

New survey shows how deeply Seattle voters disagree with city council on chronic homeless issues, the survey data shows voters don't think the city council is equipped to reform the police department without causing more crime/public safety problems, a Pierce County Sheriff's deputy dies from medical event during gas leak call, Joe Biden's curious selection to his COVID-19 panel.

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