LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov12--8am hour

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As pending legal challenges attempt to double-check the US Presidential election results, KVI's John Carlson examines what the Republican Party needs to do to build on the gains made by President Trump with voters of color. In this AP file photo a poll watcher observes a polling place in Nashville, Tenn. in 2016. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File)

8am hour -- analyzing the Trump coalition of voters and how to expand it to bring in more disaffected Democrats tiring of the socialist/Marxist left-wing, working class Americans vs. the 'woke' liberal elites, a Tweets From Twits Triple Shot, a Yakima ER doctor tells KVI that news coverage about the current COVID-19 infection surge is omitting an important statistic: death rate, the ER doctor responds to the science and the politics converging around the personal planning for Thanksgiving gatherings, a review/preview of what to expect in the dual Georgia US Senate run-off elections that are coming on Jan. 5th, why the public polling on US Senate races in this month's election were even more inaccurate than the Presidential election polling, one of the GA Senate candidates has a complicated history with Fidel Castro.

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