LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov13--7am hour

markmullet yard sign PIXLR.jpg
A campaign yard sign for incumbent Issaquah State Senator, Mark Mullet (D) who is now leading his opponent, Ingrid Anderson, by less than 100 votes after initially trailing on election night by 967 votes. (photo: Mark Mullet campaign)

7am hour -- how a labor-union backed State Senate candidate in Issaquah hauled in $2 million via Gov. Inslee supporters and is now losing, GUEST: St. Senator Mark Mullet (D-Issaquah) says 20% of ballots in his district (ostensibly Republicans) left his race blank because they saw two Democrats listed, the danger of Mullet's opponents warning voters that Mullet had bi-partisan support (with conservatives like KVI's John Carlson), why Mullet says taxpayers are not an ATM for politicians.

A legal question about a hypothetical crime being charged if it happened in Seattle, GUEST: economist Steve Moore talks about what he thinks the US economy will look like should Biden be announced the next president, note what Biden said during 1st debate about waiting to declare any election victory, which state is more liberal based on 2020 election results: WA or CA?, which political party is actually looking out for small businesses in 2020?, why the Democrats love lock-downs; Norway's pending clamp down on free speech regarding the B-word.

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