LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov13--8am hour

An AP photo from Manchester, England on October 19, 2020.{ }

8am hour -- Cascade Mountains are receiving feet--not inches--of snow this weekend, it appears Joe Biden will win Arizona electoral votes by 11,000 votes, Trump's legal challenges are not yielding sufficient results so far, Biden leads in PA by 50,000 votes yet its still important to verify all legal votes, consider the mail-in voting distribution in Nevada, the scenario of Biden winning presidency and if Gov. Jay Inslee leaves to join his cabinet, the two faces of Chicago's mayor who now says "cancel traditional Thanksgiving plans",

the confusing absolutism of Gov. Jay Inslee's Thanksgiving gathering announcement last night, why Inslee is aiming to impose renewed restrictions on all types of businesses starting next week, consider the impact on retail stores during the high point of the holiday shopping season, the WA initiative to reform policing that already seems to be in blatant violation of the single subject rule.

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