LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov16--6am hour

CORONA--Inslee new restrictions 3rd wave PXLR.jpg
OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced restrictions Sunday morning to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in Washington state, calling it "the most dangerous public health day in over 100 years in our state’s great history."

6am hour -- Gov. Inslee imposes new 1-month lockdown and restrictions on several businesses including your Thanksgiving gatherings, Carlson dares Inslee to send authorities to his multi-household Thanksgiving gathering, Inslee fails to connect any actual science to the justification of his shutdown (only statistics), two performances for the ages at The Master's golf tourney.

GUEST: Yakima ER doctor, Raul Garcia M.D., joins the show to talk about Inslee's new COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown(s), Garcia agrees with one thing Inslee did last week but disagrees with his latest lockdown decision, the inconsistency in Inslee's new lockdown(s), what Garcia would do if he were Governor; KVI's Lars Larson talks about the day's big news on Moderna's vaccine reaching 94% success rate in tests.

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