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Rainier rescue--hiker brought back to life PXLR.jpg
SEATTLE (AP) — A hiker who was rescued after being lost overnight in a whiteout in Mount Rainier National Park has been brought back to life after what his medical team is calling an amazing recovery. (

7am hour -- ER docs in Seattle revive a Mt. Rainier hiker who was dead for 45 minutes after being stuck over-night in the snow, the extreme procedure ER docs used to warm the hiker's blood and save his life, a Christmas miracle about 6 weeks early, the top Republican in WA House of Reps slams Inslee's new 1-month lockdown and virus restrictions,

war historian and earnest US political observer Victor Davis Hanson gives a potent analogy about Trump, the first Iranian and Cherokee Indian women were just elected to US Congress (and--spoiler alert: they're Republicans).

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