LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov16--8am hour

Is it 'back to the future' for grocery store supply shortages as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee re-imposes several restrictions on businesses and public/private gatherings due to the latest increase in COVID-19 infections? In this March 2020 file photo, the shelves of a a Burbank CA grocery store are cleaned out during the first wave of COVID-19 panic buying. (AP File Photo/Richard Vogel)

8am hour -- flashback to 1 month ago when a World Health Organization (WHO) doctor told a BBC interviewer that "lockdowns don't work as primary means to control" the virus, the WHO doctor says lockdowns contribute to poverty and child malnutrition (when they don't get nutrition assistance via school attendance), Yakima ER doctor says more education is required to halt the virus spread not Gov. Inslee's newest lockdown plan.

Seattle's Kshama Sawant complains about Amazon but she won't complain about Inslee's decisions that benefit Amazon, the lack of science in Gov. Inslee's new decision to impose a 1-month lockdown to slow COVID-19 infections, several jaw-dropping angles to the story of the Mt. Rainier climber who was revived by ER docs after being clinically dead for 45 minutes in the ER.

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