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HBO host Bill Maher delivers a scathing reminder to Democrats after their push to "defund police" and political obsession on race failed to deliver more widespread election results, or a so-called 'blue wave' in the 2020 election. (AP file photo){ }

6am hour -- HBO host Bill Maher rips 'woke Democrats' for 2020 election short comings, Maher says woke Democrats confuse Twitter users for real voters,

Maher compares the most 'woke' Democrats with the KKK; very windy conditions hit Western WA today so be prepared for power outtages and downed trees, a key election in Nevada's biggest county is separated by 10 votes (with 1 million votes cast), a Seattle gym owner tells KVI he will defy Gov. Inslee's new shutdown orders, the gym owner calls out Inslee's own health dept. statistics that show gyms are reasonable to keep open, KVI's Lars Larson discovers the mysterious disappearance of a North Thurston School District web page that declared Asian students are not people of color.

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