LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov18--7am hour

WA Gov. Jay Inslee speaks at a press conference Sunday Nov. 15th announcing stricter measures for businesses and restaurants after a rise in COVID-19 infections across the state (photo: TVW screen grab via KOMO News)

7am hour -- a Democratic US Senate candidate in Georgia is alienating military vets, GA has the 5th biggest allotment of military personal among the 50 states, the latest tactic by liberal activists to win these two US Senate run-off races, House Democrats re-elect Speaker Nancy Pelosi, photos emerge of CA governor at his restaurant dinner party and nobody's wearing masks,

GUEST: WA House Republican Leader, JT Wilcox, joins KVI to talk about Gov. Inslee's new virus restrictions on businesses and Thanksgiving gatherings but the interview starts off with a 1960s TV/music trivia question, says Inslee's unable to show any proof that new restrictions will drastically reduce the recent COVID cases spike, Inslee's restrictions only serve to hurt businesses as the important holiday sales season begins right now, Inslee trying to look decisive with shutdowns is killing businesses, says there's no data that supports Inslee's widespread restrictions/lockdowns this week, how Republicans in Olympia can offer better COVID solutions than Inslee.

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