LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov18--8am hour

Stats from Fidelity Investments illustrate the student loan debt comparison. KVI's John Carlson assess the latest comments from President-elect Joe Biden about his support of student loan debt forgiveness.{ } (Photo: AP via Fidelity Investments)

8am hour --are you as courageous a camper as this Sumner WA man on Whidbey Island?. Biden student loan/debt forgiveness plan, the political satire bullseye from The Babylon Bee about Biden's student loan gambit, the most extreme wing of the Democratic Party (known as Justice Democrats) really doesn't like what Joe Biden's doing right now, 2020 election campaign spending exploded to a new level and Democrats spent most of it to fight Trump, Kittitas County defying Gov. Inslee's newest virus restrictions, Kittitas Co. might sue Inslee, a notable Seattle area restaurant chain announces two of their King Co locations will close for the forseeable future due to Inslee's latest restrictions, the mystery (and heavy-duty hypocrisy) over WA's state supply of 30 million N-95 masks that aren't being distributed by Gov. Inslee.

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