LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov19--7am hour

WA Gov. Jay Inslee's newest virus related restrictions on businesses and gatherings have drawn opposition from the entire group of Kittitas County Commissioners. KVI's John Carlson interview commissioner, Cory Wright, about why the area around Ellensburg is properly handling COVID measures and shouldn't be subjected to Inslee's tighter control. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- GUEST: Kittitas Co. Commissioner says Inslee's one-size-fits-all virus restrictions will hurt the Ellensburg area, Cory Wright, says Inslee's latest restrictions are disheartening for business owners, Kittitas Co. has the highest per capita students in class for hybrid learning in the state, why Kittitas Commissioners are going to bat for businesses right now, why the Kittitas Co. Prosecutor is also getting involved right now, Carlson address the concern if there's any potential for King Co. elections to change the vote count in the Mark Mullet election, a deep dive on Joe Biden's promise to forgive student loan debt, how Gov. Inslee is entering this misguided policy,KVI callers sound off on the efficacy of Biden's student loan debt forgiveness.

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