LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov4--6am hour

The Electoral College County for the 2020 Presidential election between Pres. Donald Trump and Democratic challenger, Joe Biden with gray states not concluding their ballot tabulations as of Wednesday morning Nov. 4th, 2020. (graphic: ABC News)

6am hour -- Pres. Trump keeps closing the gap that pollsters said favored Biden prior to election day, four states will now decide the US presidential election, 7600 vote lead for Biden in Nevada is the closest race right now, Republicans appear to be holding control of the US Senate,

for 10 straight Presidential elections Clallam County voters have picked the winning candidate so are they voting Biden or Trump right now?, only one Republican in WA is holding a lead after election night, remaining WA votes will likely trend Republican tomorrow and Friday, what does this mean for OSPI election where Democrats panicked regarding incumbent Chris Reykdal, one incredibly pivotal State Legislative race is separated by 967 votes (1.3% difference), a Democrat is leading a long-time Republican State Senator in Lakewood/University Place, a long list of local Democrats far out-spending Republican candidates on campaigns, KVI's Lars Larson tees off on the pre-election polls that were wrong again about Trump (a la 2016), Portland's mayor survives election against an openly "Antifa" candidate.

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