LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov6--6am hour

KVI's John Carlson and guest, John Fund, discuss the obstacles and suggestions for Trump's re-election chances now that vote totals are beginning to favor Biden in the 2020 Presidential election.{ } (AP Photo/Thomas Beaumont)

6am hour -- the latest vote numbers that have given Biden two key leads over Trump, what Trump campaign should be doing today, transparent count among observers from both parties in disputed areas, what both Biden and Trump should NOT do today, the message voters sent to Democrats this week, sanity is prevailing in one WA Legislative District as two Democrats battle for a State Senate spot, the lone Republican success story in WA (and maybe the entire west coast) is Sec. of State, Kim Wyman,

GUEST: National Review columnist and long-time author on election accuracy and ballot security, John Fund, sorts out the legal arguments in PA, why calling AZ for Biden may be premature, why Nevada is the perfect example of "planned chaos" after lots of Vegas area residents vacated town when their jobs disappeared because of COVID restrictions, the difficulty of presenting evidence (in court) of 150,000 ballots being illegal or inadmissible, Fund's suggestion for Trump/campaign.

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