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{ }Republican candidate, Mark Robinson, won the race for lieutenant governor of North Carolina this week, as a political newcomer. He will be the state‚Äôs first ever African-American lieutenant governor. KVI's John Carlson replays the 2018 moment that launched Robinson in to the American political consciousness.{ } (Photo: Robinson{ } Campaign website)

7am hour -- KVI's Lars Larson shares the comeback story of a UT Republican Congressional candidate now leading his election, the state law in PA that could decide the Presidential election, if Democrats try to erase the process of matching ballot signatures, how other states could learn from 'best practices' on ballot counting in Oregon and WA, rebutting the common social media post you've probably seen this week from anti-Trump zealots,

The 'feel good' election story of 2020 is the North Carolina Lt. Governor, House Democrats meeting didn't go very well this week, green new deal and defunding police issues are hurting House Democrats in a lot of districts, Speaker Pelosi pushes back on one complaining Congresswoman, how Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal factors in to this meeting,

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