LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov9--6am hour

Biden and Trump supporters split PIXLR.jpg
Supporters of the respective Presidential campaigns continue to show their energy for the candidates aftermost media outlets project Joe Biden as the President-elect. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- some satire to start the show, a new group to consider "Antico" after the emergence of "Anti-fa", laying out some facts about the status of the election, what would need to happen for Trump to reverse the existing election results (start with NC and AK), why Trump could still win AZ and that leaves a 10,000 vote difference in GA, why PA becomes "the big enchilada",

new vaccine testing announcement by Pfizer juices the stock market, "defund police" issue hurt Congressional Democrats according to the current House Whip.

GUEST: National Review columnist, author of several books on ballot security and election fraud, John Fund, analyzes the potential success of the PA legal challenge by Trump campaign, examines the Nevada mail in ballot vote, why Dec. 8th is a crucial date to sort out these ballot challenges, why holding the ballot lead advantage before going to court is so crucial, what Fund suggests Trump should do now, a final word about the two GA run-off votes on Jan. 5th for two US Senate positions.

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