LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov9--7am hour

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (left) and Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan (right). Which one will be the first to join a possible Joe Biden Presidential Cabinet? KVI's John Carlson shares his answer on this hour of the show. (file photos: Associated Press)

7am hour -- addressing the claim that Biden has a mandate if his election tally holds up, how the two US Senate races in Georgia will impact Republican's control of the Senate, look at the example of Ted Cruz in Texas, US Rep. AOC apparently didn't hear Joe Biden's speech Saturday night, RIP Alex Trebek,

Notre Dame football fans (mostly students) rush the field in upset 2OT victory sparking questions about COVID spread on campus, why Seattle's mayor may be more happy than the WA governor that Biden is named President-elect, the three WA candidates that would be shoe-ins to run for governor should a Biden-elect offer Jay Inslee an administration post, KVI callers sound off on the election.

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