LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct13--8am hour

So what does a recall petition against a Seattle City Councilwoman have to do with the TV show, Seinfeld? Listen to this hour of the John Carlson Show to find out.{ } (photo credit:{ }Sony Pictures Television via The Associated Press){ }

8am hour -- some live coverage of nominee Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing and a Democratic Senator pressing her about systemic racism in America, so did this person go to Portland on Sunday and then tweet about it Monday afternoon, GUEST: Marysville WA mayor, John Nehring, talks about this week's big fundraiser for The Mainstream Republicans of WA Alliance, the fundraiser will also celebrate former WA governor, Dan Evans, Republican Presidential nominee Bob Dole will participate in the virtual event, the fundraiser helps recruit women and young Republicans to run for office, Dinner.

Seattle City Councilwoman, Kshama Sawant, invokes the George Costanza defense in her appeal to block a recall petition effort against her.

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