LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct14--6am hour

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett unscathed by tough Democratic confirmation probing. (Photo: Associated Press){ }

6am hour -- why Carlson loves judge Amy Coney Barrett, judge Barrett schools VP nominee Kamala Harris during hearing, Barrett settles the question about recusal on any 2020 Presidential election dispute, the appalling question from the dumbest sitting US Senator, Pres. Trump wades into the political battle regarding TV News crew security guy who shot and killed man spraying pepper spray, CNN has bailed on showing today's judge Barrett confirmation hearing, GUEST: Seattle campaign consultant, Cathy Allen, says she doesn't see anything to stop judge Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation, some local election races to watch in Kitsap Co., Snohomish, Whidbey Island, plus a State Supreme Court race.

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