LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct14--8am hour

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The King County Council just voted 8-1 to raise the sales tax to buy hotels and motels to house up to 2000 homeless people. KVI's John Carlson scrutinizes this plan to address homelessness in King County. (Graphic: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- GUEST: KOMO's Matt Markovich details the brand new sales tax hike in King County to buy hotels/motels for the homeless, how the King Co. Council quickly passed this sales tax hike without a vote of the people, how the COVID restrictions have influenced this tax hike decision to buy commercial property to house the homeless.

US Senator criticizes Disney CEO pay as the company is restricted from opening California's Disney Land during virus restrictions, judge Amy Coney Barrett continues to dazzle at her Supreme Court confirmation hearing, a Republican Senator duels with two Democratic Senators during the judge Barrett confirmation, the Republican Senator exposes the Democrats strategy about using the ACA/ObamaCare to derail Barrett's confirmation.

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