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$30 tabs I-976 struck down PIXLR.jpg
OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Tim Eyman's I-976 initiative that would have reduced car tab fees to $30 has been ruled unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court. The nine judges ruled unanimously that the initiative contained more than one subject while 8 of the 9 judges also ruled the initiative's subject was "not accurately expressed in its title."

6am hour -- the most aggravating part of the $30 car tabs ruling yesterday is connected to the work of AG Bob Ferguson's office, what changed inside the AG's office between prior initiatives and the latest initiatives, the evidence that shows the I-976 ballot titles was worded fairly, the ruling's timing with state legislature elections, Trump and Biden's dueling town halls have predictable outcomes, the competing town halls show a clear media double standard, a Seattle Police SUV is lit on fire by a suspect with apparent mental health issues, the SUV fire may have stemmed from the activity at an un-sanctioned homeless camp in a city park.

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