LISTEN: John Carlson Show Oct16--7am hour

$30 car tabs cake Pierce Co council gal.jpg
66% of Pierce County voters approved the $30 car tabs measure, I-976, which was struck down by the Supreme Court of Washington (SCOW) in a ruling yesterday. KVI's John Carlson talks to a state senator from Pierce County about what happens next regarding the issue of $30 car tabs for Washington car owners.{ } (photo: KOMO News){ }

7am hour -- GUEST: St. Senator, Steve O’Ban (R-Lakewood/U.P.) talks about the widespread opposition to Sound Transit and the expensive car tabs to fund ST in Pierce County, O'Ban says this battle over $30 tabs is not over, are there any legislative remedies for the will of the voters?, how the $30 car tabs issue can directly impact the election of state lawmakers in Olympia.

The biggest loser of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings appears to be CA senior Senator Diane Feinstein, Seattle Police officers leaving the job in "unprecedented" numbers right now, GUEST: economist, Steve Moore, starts off with more stories of political migration within the US, WA residents moving out of state to places like Idaho and Texas, the media double standard on Trump and Biden got even more blatant last night.

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