LISTEN: John Carlson Show Oct16--8am hour

KVI's John Carlson digs into this week's sales tax hike by the King County Council that will collect money to buy motels and hotels to house 2000 homeless people. (photo: KOMO News){ }

8am hour -- GUEST: King County Councilman, Reagan Dunn, was the only council vote opposing a sales tax hike that was passed (by an 8-1 vote) to buy hotels/motels to house 2000 homeless people, how the King County council managed to install a sales tax without a vote of the people, also Dunn discusses how King County voters will decide the future fate of the sheriff's position, he says its all about a battle for political control by the King County Executive.

An example of someone consumed with hate for judge Amy Coney Barrett, almost all of America's political division and debate can be summed up in the following tweet:

GUEST: founder of Greenhaven Interactive, Dave Parkhurst, helps explain this issue of social media censorship regarding the New York Post story alleging e-mails from Joe Biden's son prove that the elder Biden knew all about son Hunter's Ukranian oil company business connections.

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