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President Trump waves to the crowd from inside this Secret Service SUV as supporters gathered outside the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesday, MD. Trump was driven in the SUV after he tested positive for COVID-19. KVI's John Carlson assess the media coverage of Trump's SUV ride.{ } (Photo: Associated Press)

6am hour -- the news media's bitter reaction to Trump's SUV drive-by after his COVID positive diagnosis, a former White House physician quells the CNN hysteria over Trump's SUV ride for fans, some polling data to know after Trump's positive diagnosis,

NY Times calls Trump's COVID symptoms "severe" so let's listen to Trump's video statement from yesterday,

Seattle 70 shots fired with one murdered and four others wounded, add to that Seattle mayhem 16 more 'peaceful protesters' arrested after destroying a Starbucks,

KVI's Lars Larson assess the left-wing media hysteria about Trump's SUV ride and the portrayal of Proud Boys,

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