LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct7--7am hour

A new battle between Pres. Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the price tag and priorities of a new round of virus relief spending for small businesses and airlines. FILE - In this Feb. 5, 2019 file photo, Trump turns to Pelosi as he delivers his State of the Union address{ } on Capitol Hill in Washington(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

7am hour -- if Joe Biden can debate three times why can't Jay Inslee debate more than once?, assessing Trump's back-and-forth with Speaker Pelosi, NBC's Joe Biden town hall caught using questions from voters who claimed to be undecided but clearly weren't, Purdue Pharma reportedly about to plead guilty on opiod-drug addiction case, CNN White House reporter busted for taking off her mask in the press room,

GUEST: economist/author/presidential campaign economic advisor Steve Moore offers a quick thought about Eddie Van Halen's passing before shifting to the Trump/Pelosi battle over targeted vs. open ended virus relief spending (aka debt), Moore's plan revolves around suspending income taxes on businesses to ride out the virus restrictions, why WA economy should be better than it is right now with so much e-commerce that can withstand virus restrictions, how the teachers' unions have double-talked their way through the virus shutdowns while complaining about equity issues; disturbing political bias from a south Tacoma school teacher.

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