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Loren Culp governor candidate.jpg
Republican challenger for WA Governor, Loren Culp, pictured here in a July 2020 campaign event, meets incumbent Jay Inslee tonight for the first and only 2020 Washington gubernatorial debate. KVI's John Carlson lists four issues that he thinks Culp can use to tighten the race against Inslee. (photo: Culp campaign via KVI)

8am hour -- big debate tonight for Gov. Jay Inslee and his Republican challenger, Loren Culp; four issues Culp needs to hammer tonight to beat Inslee, if Inslee thinks he's got the chops to be US President why is Inslee only agreeing to 1 statewide debate while Biden (much older) agrees to 3 national debates?, how Culp can handle the $30 car license tabs issue, former Seattle Seahawk head coach makes a puzzling Presidential candidate endorsement,

an unexpected Eddie Van Halen tribute post from a 2020 Pierce County political candidate,

tremendous investigative report about failures of WA corrections officials to keep track of criminals wearing ankle bracelet monitors 24-7.

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