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Loren Culp debate split screen PIXLR.jpg
Washington Gov., Jay Inslee (left), and Republican challenger, Loren Culp (right),{ } debate in the only forum between the two candidates vying for the state's top elected position in 2020.{ } (Photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- Republican Loren Culp excelled against Gov. Inslee in debate, Inslee confessed to lying to the media and voters about Seattle's CHAZ/CHOP, the admission shows how effortlessly Inslee can lie to the public, why Inslee's admission is like a famous Jack Nicholson movie scene,

some other areas where Culp excelled, new poll says King Co. voters don't want to defund/dismantle police, looks like Kamala and Joe aren't getting a holiday greeting card from AOC

KVI callers sound off on the Inslee/Culp governor's debate, Culp gives exceptional answer to question about policing and equity.

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