LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct9--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson examines a new investigative report about King County officials failing to monitor released felons wearing ankle bracelet tracking devices 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Pictured here, a woman is wearing an ankle monitor. (Eric Gay / Associated Press file photo)

7am hour -- something Pence could have added in the VP debate this week about COVID, Gov. Inslee completely distorts the science on current UW Greek system COVID cases, Gov. Inslee extends eviction moratorium but offers no relief for landlords now stuck with no income, the uninitiated were very impressed with Loren Culp's debate performance vs. Inslee, King County officials were failing to monitor released felons 24-7 according to a new KING 5 story, the King County failure is another example of Executive Dow Constantine's capitulation to anti-police activists, GUEST: host of Full Measure, Sharyl Attkisson, digs into Joe Biden's latest public admission of why he won't answer questions about packing the US Supreme Court with politically friendly justices.

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