LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.1--6am hour

Oregon Governor Kate Brown and President Donald Trump. ( file photos -- Associated Press by Andrew Selsk and Alex Brandon)

6am hour -- Oregon's governor litany of bad decisions, three more OR police agencies rebuff Oregon's governor over requests to assist in Portland, listen to what a pair of OR sheriffs are telling the governor, Biden condemns violence/destruction from protests but refuses to call out Antifa or anti-cop activists, September 1st musical tribute, Trump tells supporters DON'T confront left-wing protesters, Clarkston WA school principal's plan for re-opening campus for classes, 60 of 300 WA districts are about to re-open for in-class learning, did Joe Biden have a brain cramp or a teleprompter glitch yesterday?,

KVI's Lars Larson adds some context to the Oregon sheriffs who are refusing the Governor's request to help Portland police deal with on-going nightly protests.

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