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Sue Bird AP file photo.jpg
Two-time WNBA World Champ and Seattle Storm guard, Sue Bird, makes some comments about social justice protests that betray the underlying message of Black Lives Matter activists. (AP File Photo)

8am hour -- Gov. Inslee goes even further left with a new candidate endorsement, the fact checking continues: the Breonna Taylor fatal shooting in KY, some of the falsehoods coming from Taylor's well known family attorney, what the no knock warrants actually listed in advance of the shooting, happening now: fire near I-5 approaching downtown Seattle causes 6 mile back-up on NB-5 lanes, the fire is an area previously known for homeless fires, KVI caller from Louisville talks about the fact check on the Breonna Taylor case, Sue Bird's curious comments about race and seeing skin color in others, how the most ardent BLM supporters differ from what Sue Bird just said, Joe Biden condemns violence but avoids condemning Antifa and the anti-cop agitators,

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