LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.10--7am hour

Sturgis 2020 rally AP photo.jpg
KVI's Kirby Wilbur tackles a report this week that makes some extravangant (and likely politically biased) claims about the annual Sturgis Motorcycle rally being a virus "super spreader" event. Pictured here, bikers ride through downtown Sturgis, S.D., on Friday, Aug. 7, 2020. 250,000 people were expected{ } to visit the town of Sturgis during the 10 day rally last month. (AP Photo/Stephen Groves)

7am hour -- Kirby Wilbur in for John Carlson: the COVID 19 stat(s) that nobody's talking about, busting this week's myth about a "super spreader" report on the Sturgis (S.D.) annual motorcycle rally last month, busting another myth about Speaker Pelosi and 2020 election meddling, a brushfire arsonist arrested in Puyallup as the Sumner Grade fire burns nearby,

should 538 U.S. Congressional members receive a pay raise?, a prolific funk R&B musician dies at age 68, Portland PD arrest 11 people in last night's planned riot/protests, unemployment claims remain steady, the economy continues to be shutdown by prominent Democrats, one key question for Trump about the leaked Bob Woodward virus/panic audio, a KVI caller who owns a hair salon talks about the impact of virus restrictions and closures.

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