LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.10--8am hour

KVI's Kirby Wilbur digs into latest political turmoil regarding a February 2020 interview that was just leaked yesterday between author and former Washington Post reporter, Bob Woodward (pictured here) and Pres. Donald Trump. (2012 AP File Photo/Alex Brandon)

8am hour -- Kirby Wilbur in for John Carlson: something curious happened when Joe Biden posted "ask me anything" on his Instagram account, the forgotten impact to Kenosha WI's minority owned businesses damaged by Jacob Blake related riots, Edmonds WA 20-year-old now facing 30+ years in prison for Molotov cocktail destroying Seattle PD cars, WA Democratic Party chairwoman is a CNN fan, Kshama Sawant Twitter silence, school teacher proudly declares he's helping to end capitalistic oppression and then he invites a Bernie Sanders acolyte to speak to his history class students, KVI fundraiser is helping raise money for local and statewide wildfire victims, KVI callers tee off on Bob Woodward leaked interview story and the frantic confusion about evacuating from Bonney Lake due to the Sumner Grade Fire this week.

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