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Wildfire damage just south of Estacada, Oregon in Clackamas County. (Photo: KATU News)

8am hour -- how you can win $500 today on KVI, a UW climate science professor says Gov. Inslee has it wrong about "climate fires" burning in Western Oregon and WA, the professor calls any climate-related correlation "very weak" to the latest regional wildfires, Amazon announces its hiring 100,000 in US and Canada less than 1 week after announcing another 33,000 US hires, why forest management can prevent some of the raging wildfires Western states have endured in recent years, the forest management restriction goes back to a Pres. Clinton decision at the end of his 2nd term, Mother Nature not clearing out the Puget Sound smokey skies today, why we'll have to wait 2 more days for any air quality improvement in Western WA, TV's Monday Night Football is changing themes for this year but what's the reason for the change of tune?

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