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“I take responsibility for falling for a set-up,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday at the Mission Education Center Elementary School in San Francisco in response to backlash over getting her hair done inside a salon. (AP/Eric Risberg)

6am hour -- Day 2 of the Speaker Nancy Pelosi "Salongate" is now officially better than the first,

all of the business restrictions mandated (and supported) by Democratic politicians, a law professor just invoked Marion Berry's infamous 'set-up' excuse in response to Pelosi's latest comment,

Trump wants to defund lawless cities like Seattle and Portland, public push back reportedly prompting Big Ten to re-vote on canceling the football season, security guards from a minority owned Federal Way company threatened by anti-cop activists at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park sweep, Carlson's latest Wall Street Journal column tackles the lawless protests in Seattle/Portland (and other cities) and detrimental impact to Joe Biden, Portland mayor moving residences after continuing protests at his downtown condo.

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