LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.3--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson discusses several Seattle Police related issues (the incoming interim Police Chief, the outgoing Chief, Carmen Best, the recent Seattle Times story on astronomical police over-time pay and this week's sweep of trespassers at Cal Anderson Park) with the President of the Seattle Police Officer's Guild, Mike Solan. (AP File Photo/Elaine Thompson)

7am hour -- GUEST: Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) president, Mike Solan, gives reaction to a big decision on the new interim police chief's first day, the anti-cop activists' behavior at this week's Cal Anderson Park sweep (and that night's attack on East Precinct), some important answers about the SPD officer who earned the most over-time pay in the city.

New police body cam footage from March involves death of a black man in Rochester NY police custody, how the early days of the virus pandemic may have been a factor in the man's death, a Black woman's racial awakening tears at her marriage to a white man, how the white husband is responding to the sudden racial wokeness of his wife, how this is an example of paranoia about policing.

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