LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.8--6am hour

Olympia anti-cop  Death To USA Pixlr.jpg
Anti-American and anti-police screeds are spray painted on one of several downtown Olympia buildings Friday night, Sept. 4th, 2020. KVI's John Carlson discusses this case of anti-police radicalism along with the BLM protest in Shelton WA that was met with significantly larger turn-out by 'pro-police' supporters. (photo: KCPQ screen grab)

6am hour -- GUEST: KOMO's Carleen Johnson live in Sumner WA, she's tracking a brush fire that has closed to major state highways, winds are compounding the south King and north Pierce County fires, a blown transformer is suspected of igniting the Sumner fires, the irony of a Labor Day march in Seattle with the theme that police don't deserve to be in a union, anti-police vandalism in Olympia punctuated by a message you'd normally see from fundamentalist Muslims.

BLM protest in Shelton WA met with a large "pro-police" crowd, the BLM protest was purely done to intimidate a small town, some KVI exclusive insight about the Shelton dueling protests, witnesses observe a 12-1 ratio of pro-police supporters to BLM protesters in Shelton, store owners took precaution by boarding up windows, Antifa reportedly had a camp near Shelton, KVI's Lars Larson assess the two pro-Trump rallies in Western Oregon.

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