LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.8--7am hour

Brush fires on the hill above Sumner WA close both directions of Highway 410 and Highway 167. KVI's John Carlson interviews KOMO reporter, Carleen Johnson, who is live on the scene in Sumner, during this hour of his show. (Photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- the absolute hypocrisy of Seattle shutting down a park to a Christian worship gathering but allowing a "defund police" rally to be held at the already closed Cal Anderson Park, this is an example of "straight up bigotry" according to Carlson, Portland's anti-police activists show their complete disregard for climate change and air pollution,

RIP to NW sports play-by-play legend, Bob Robertson,

GUEST: KOMO's Carleen Johnson provides another Sumner brushfire update and 8 homes along with other property destroyed by fire in Graham because of "relentless" winds, San Francisco gov't shuts down privately owned gyms but allows gyms in city buildings for city employees to remain open during virus shutdown, VP nominee flip flops on fracking for natural gas, compare these audio statements 1 year apart from Kamala Harris.

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