PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." Jan11, 2021

Former Seattle Sonic center, James Donaldson, has lived in Seattle for 40 years. After a 2018 medical crisis nearly killed him he has authored a new book about mental health struggles in an effort to raise awareness for others. KVI's John Carlson interviews Donaldson about the new book "Celebrating Your Gift of Life" and book ordering info is listed below. (Photo: James Donaldson.{ }

GUEST: former Seattle Sonic, NBA All-Star, Seattle business owner and one time political candidate, James Donaldson, talks about his new book "Celebrating Your Gift of Life" (to pre-order now, click here) to focus on mental health after his personal experience and health issues in 2018, the COVID pandemic has bolstered awareness of mental health status, issues of PTSD and aging also require more attention on mental health, mental health jeopardizing your housing/employment exacerbates our social and political policies, mental health's connection to suicide and preventing suicide, how Donaldson managed to address his mental health with the help of a doctor and overcome his growing struggles, the pros and cons of prescription drugs for mental health cases, how some familiar names in Donaldson's basketball life supported him during and after his health struggles.

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