PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." July15, 2020

Seattle--defund police--city council PIXLR.jpg
Seattle City Council members depicted with their support or indecision toward the issue of cutting the Seattle Police Department budget by 50%. (photo: KOMO News)

GUEST: Seattle City Councilman, Andrew Lewis, talks about defunding Seattle Police by 50%, how does cutting 40% of the officers help Seattle?, Lewis says just over 50% of 911 calls are non-violent cases, does sending police to 911 calls about mental illness make sense?, Lewis admits that the city council doesn't have an actual written "defund" plan, says they'll eventually consult with mayor and police chief when they do have a plan, Lewis points to a plan dubbed "CAHOOTS", a disagreement emerges about shifting 911 dispatchers (or parking enforcement) out of the police force, Lewis says "CAHOOTS" is a program that started in Eugene OR, stats say 16X more likely to be shot by a cop if you've got mental health issues, Lewis dodges a simple question about what's the right number of cops for Seattle, Lewis says the city has a "mis-match" problem with services connected to 911 calls, Seattle already using unarmed community officers, why aren't police officers supporting Lewis's plan?

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