PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." July22, 2020

Dr. Raul Garcia running for Governor 2020.jpg
Richland WA emergency room doctor, Raul Garcia M.D. , who is running as a Republican for Washington governor sits down for a lengthy interview with KVI's John Carlson about his campaign. Carlson interviews Dr. Garcia about a better response to COVID-19, his focus on small business and mental health to improve Washington and what he'd say in a political debate if he's asked if he'll be voting for Pres. Trump in 2020. (Photo: KOMO News)

GUEST: emergency room doctor and Republican candidate for WA governor, Dr. Raul Garcia, talks about his entry into the political world, Dr. Garcia is a former staffer for US Senator Bob Dole, Dr. Garcia addresses how Gov. Inslee handled the unprecedented virus pandemic, he notes that Gov. Inslee didn't protect the most vulnerable population, Dr. Garcia grew up in Cuba before reaching the U.S., the role of gov't is to educate not mandate.

Dr. Garcia lives in Tri-Cities and works at a Yakima hospital, Yakima County's virus infection rates are bad because of a lack of trust in state government, Dr. Garcia suggests education to encourage face-mask usage rather than mandates, what would Dr. Garcia do if he was governor about re-opening K-12 schools in September, what he'd do to protect teachers in the vulnerable health or age brackets, why Dr. Garcia's focused on small business and health care in his campaign, he'll prioritize mental health treatment if elected.

Why he thinks Seattle's failed CHOP fiasco will play a big factor in this November's election, why its time to govern logically, speed round questions: guns, abortion, free trade and China, sanctuary city policy, police cooperating with ICE.

Why he thinks now is the time a Republican can win across WA, how he organized a wide-ranging group of Republicans and professionals to support his campaign, what does he say if he's asked in a debate if he's voting for Trump in November?

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