PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." July23, 2020

Tim Eyman reacts to lawsuit announcement at Seattle City Hall (KOMO News Video)Thumbnail

GUEST: Republican candidate for WA governor, Tim Eyman, talks about his campaign, he's asked why he decided to go from being a successful political outsider to be an elected insider, Gov. Inslee's legal challenge to the latest $30 car tabs vote motivated Eyman to run for governor, why it might require lawsuits to get students back into K-12 schools during the virus pandemic, why Eyman is ready to get in the trenches at all levels of gov't, why Eyman feels that $52 billion in tax hikes make him the best match-up to challenge Inslee in November, why Eyman's 17 statewide campaigns give him more experience than the other Republican candidates, an encounter in Seattle that Eyman had involving a comparison to Bernie Sanders.

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