PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." July24, 2020

Republican State Senator, Phil Fortunato, (left) is running for WA governor . KVI host John Carlson interviews Sen. Fortunato about his campaign and what it will take to emerge from the primary to challenge incumbent, Jay Inslee.{ } (file photo: KOMO News)

GUEST: Republican candidate for WA govenror and St. Senator, Phil Fortunato (R-Enumclaw), talks about his campaign, how would a Governor Fortunato handle Seattle's CHOP damage/destruction and the I-5 nightly protests that ended with a woman being killed by a runaway driver, what he'd do as governor right now to address Seattle lawlessness, he suggests an investigation about who's behind these planned acts of destruction in Seattle, prosecutors aren't prosecuting and that's something the WA governor should always demand, Fortunato addresses his populism in relation to two other top Republican candidates right now, how virus pandemic and Inslee's restrictions have prevented political challengers from campaigning and fundraising, "to drain the swamp you need to know where the plug is", he lists his three main priorities in the campaign, why he wants a "2 strikes you're out" solution to chronic drug addicted homelessness.

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