PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." May 12, 2020

They're pumping iron again at PA Fitness in Arlington. The gym re-opened Monday morning in direct defiance of the Governor Jay Inslee's "stay home stay healthy" order. Mike Jellison, the owner of PA Fitness, said he believes his business is essential, but the state is already pushing back. (photo: KOMO News)

PODCAST -- fitness gym in Arlington WA opens in defiance of Gov. Inslee's Phase 1 restrictions, the P-A Gym owner explains why he decided to re-open (and the precautions he's taking), do you trust people to do the safe and sane thing, why do you trust people to go to Home Depot but not the gym?, political correctness comes to virus stats in Central WA, health officials announce they won't classify ethnicity of virus test results just as the last batch of released stats shows a high infection rate for Latinos, exploring the basis for suppressing this ethnicity info, note: disproportionality doesnt equal racism.

Note: the Wenatchee World reported that the health department reversed their decision on not reporting ethnic data for virus testing.

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