PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." May14, 2020

What's up with air pollution? KVI's John Carlson pursues some answers in this podcast. Pictured here, an April 28, 2009 file photo, smog covers downtown Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Nick Ut, File)

GUEST: WPC's environmental policy director, Todd Myers, joins the show to refute and clarify recent reports claiming that air pollution is lower because of the 'stay home' virus restrictions and fewer people commuting, the data to look for is on particulate matter, part of this comes back to the Gov. Inslee pursuit of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCF), National Review has posted Todd's new essay on this discrepancy of media reporting and relative pollution levels, an example of media deception on particulate matter from National Geographic, lastly: CNN decides to include and promote Swedish teen Greta Thunberg on a town hall panel about the virus pandemic (begging the question how does a climate activist get invited on CNN to discuss the virus pandemic?).

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