PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." May19, 2020

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee reacts adversely when questions arise about the accuracy of reporting COVID-19 deaths in the state. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

Gov. Inslee's mini-tirade when the classification of COVID-19 deaths are questioned for accuracy, GUEST: Freedom Foundation's Max Nelson has analzyed COVID-19 deaths in Colorado and Washington to insure they're classified accurately, so far Nelson asserts that upwards of 13% of WA virus deaths may be improperly categorized, acquiring death certificates would increase the accuracy, the concern is that the state or local health officials are lumping in more deaths as connected to COVID-19 which would increase the virus-related death toll and could then be used for political motivations, the King County-centric dilemma for Inslee, (edit John's goodbye line before guest leaves), why private innovation is speeding COVID-19 vaccine progress, the first phase of the Moderna trial just 2 months ago started in Seattle, what the study discovered about antibodies,

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