PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." Nov10, 2020

President-elect, Joe Biden, has announced he will prioritize climate change policies and have the US rejoin the Climate Paris Accord. KVI's John Carlson analyzes the basis for Biden's decision and why wild fire claims he's making are bogus.{ } In this file photo: Activists of the so-called "KoalaKollektiv", an organization asking for climate justice, protested with this burning globe in Frankfurt, Germany in October 2020 (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

Seattle Mariner CF wins MLB Rookie of the Year, why the 25-year-old winner took so long to get to the majors, how many Mariner RoY winners can you name (hint: if you said Ken Griffey Jr, you're off to a bad start)?, Joe Biden announces climate change as one of his top 4 priorities, Biden's using 'wild fires' as a basis for prioritizing climate change but that's become a bogus claim by the political left.

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