PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." Nov13, 2020

Check out this AP written caption: This November 2019 photo shows a table setting with a Thanksgiving theme in New York. Setting up a beautiful centerpiece can make a Zoom, or virtual, Thanksgiving feel more special for both the families and friends who are at home joining virtually. (Cheyenne Cohen/Katie Workman via AP)

LA Times posts a dangerously deceptive story as a cautionary tale about people gathering this month for Thanksgiving or any December holidays, the LA Times story describes an August wedding event in Maine where one person who attended was unwittingly COVID positive, the story over-looks some obvious mistakes of people back in August who then intentionally went to work knowing that they had physical symptoms known to indicate COVID, had some of these infected people just followed well established guidelines to stay home from work this LA Times story would be moot; a closer look at Speaker Nancy Pelosi's election reform bill.

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