PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." Oct15, 2020

$30 car tabs and I- 947 KOMO PIXLR.jpg
The Supreme Court of Washington declares the statewide vote passing I-976 to be unconstitutional. Therefore, $30 car tabs will not be allowed to go into effect. (Photo: KOMO News){ }

Talk show host and producer fall into two distinctive reactions to the $30 car tabs vote being struck down today by the Supreme Court of Washington (SCOW), consider all the Democratic Party hypocrisy that is embodied in this morning's ruling to invalidate I-976, how the WA Attorney General's office might be to blame for this ruling, a warning akin to the influence of the military industrial complex, more public opposition to homeless living in (and overtaking) Seattle parks/playgrounds, the three things that need to change to prevent homeless people from steam-rolling through public parks and property.

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