PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." Sept.29, 2020

KVI's John Carlson talks about how the plan to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department has fizzled in that city. Pictured here, a rally in Powderhorn Park in June, nine Minneapolis City Council members pledged to defund the city’s police department. (photo: Jerry Holt/Star Tribune, via Associated Press)

Lots of people are stepping forward to contribute to legal defense of 17 yr old charged with murder during a street protest in Kenosha WI last month, that 17 yr old--Kyle Rittenhouse--has received $2 million in contributions for his legal defense, how video recordings will bolster Rittenhouse's defense case, meanwhile the Kenosha Co. Sheriff is making an endorsement for President, and next door in Minnesota the regrets are piling up over a plan to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Dept.

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